7 de agosto de 2008

YoVille - Facebook.com

Facebook.com! YoVille is an interactive game where users can chat with others in an online world that resembles popular games like Habbo and MyCoke. You can earn coins by inviting others to the game or working at a "Widget Factory."

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Tricks for Amanda Lewis:

Ok so here are my suggestions, if you are taking any suggestions that is lol...

1. our characters should be able 2 do more than walk
2. we should be able 2 earn more than 200.00/day...through other jobs, returning 2 work early, or maybe even hiring us 2 work as shop keepers?
3. when ppl come 2 visit our apartments, we should get money
4. when our friends join, even if they accepted one of probably many invitations by umpteen amt of our friends, we should get money too
5. when we add ppl 2 our friends list, we should get money
6. more clothing choices would be nice
7. the "coming soon" areas should come already haha
7. perhaps don't charge so much or at all 2 change carpeting, wall color, etc as they are not actually "items"
8. if we throw a party or event...we should either get money 4 hosting, or 4 each person that comes
9. the gym should not only sell equipment, it should allow us 2 workout
10. the bank & casino should allow us to walk in them, and have more games, etc.

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